TJHYML chinese herbal cream 一抹灵草药皮肤膏


成分: 黄柏, 狼毒,土槿皮, 甘油, 地肤子, 蛇床子, 苦参, 独角莲, 薄荷脑,铁冬青

有效舒缓皮肤止痒问题,如:头/ 体/手/ 足癣, 甲癣,疥疮, 痔疮,, 水泡, 过敏, 痱子, 脚气, 脚臭, 手足汗, 汗疱疹, 真菌感染, 皮炎湿疹, 蚊虫叮咬, 手脚脱皮, 手足破裂, 和各种其他瘙痒皮肤问题..

⚠️使用本公司<一抹灵>产品注意了正确使用方法: 要皮肤病快好,一天至少涂3次,涂薄,早午晚,涂更多次也没问题因为是草药,绝无类固醇成分!

注意事项: 忌口服,请置于儿童不易拿到处



我们明鑫团队在生产日期那边上有一个MX, 不是本团队的码, 一律不负责!



注意事项: 忌口服,请置于儿童不易拿到处Ingredients & Efficacy:Chinese Natural herbal formula, dedicated for skin, safe and without side effectsIngredients: Golden Cypress, Stellera Chamaejasme, Cortex Pseudolaricis, Glycerin, Fructus Kochiae, Fructus Cnidii, Saphora Root, Giant Typhonium, Menthol, Liex Rotunda, Chlorhexidine AcetateHelping Soothing for Itchy skin : Dermatomycosis (scalp, body, groin, hand, foot), Onchomycosis, scabies, heamorrhoids, acne, blister, allergy, heat-rash, tinea pedis, foot odor, sweating hands/ feet, psoriasis, nettle-rash, tinea manuum, athlete’s foot,dermatomyositis ,fungal infection, insect bites, desquamation of hands and feet, cracked hands/feet and others.


 ⚠️Please ensure to use correct method on our 《TJHYML) cream product.

Use of direction: Apply min. 3 times or more per day, as it's made from varieties of natural herbal from the plant to formulate this treatment cream,

❌NO steroids ➕NO Side effect.

Caution: Do not take orally, keep out of reach of childrenSpecifications:Material: Ingredient: herbal

Color: gold and red

Product Size: 12*2.5*1.5cmPackage Include:1 x Chinese Herbal Cream 20g

Made In China, 100% Authentic