【FHH】TJHYML Baby cream 益芙白草膏 - SG ready stock! Local seller

主要成分: 维生素 E (Vitamin E), 鱼肝油(cod-liver-oil), 苦参(Matrine), 蛇床子(Cnidium monnien), 野菊花(chrysanthemum), 薄荷脑(methol), 甘油等

适合人士: 宝宝1岁以下

使用方法: 外用,将皮肤洗净擦干局部涂抹 (每天涂抹2-3次)

  注意事项: 忌口服,请置于儿童不易拿到处

保质期: 2年

suitable for: Below 1 year old baby skin

soothing Allergy/ sensitive/ Itchy skin

Use of direction: Apply 2-3 times per day

Caution: For External use Only. Do not take orally, keep out of reach of children

Specifications:Material: Ingredient: herbal

Color: pink

Product Size: 12*2.5*1.5cm

Made in China, (FHH) , 100% Authentic

Valid for 2 years