【FHH 】 TJHYML 万因草本消痔膏 Hemorrhoids Ointment
【FHH 】 TJHYML 万因草本消痔膏 Hemorrhoids Ointment
【FHH 】 TJHYML 万因草本消痔膏 Hemorrhoids Ointment
【FHH 】 TJHYML 万因草本消痔膏 Hemorrhoids Ointment

【FHH 】 TJHYML 万因草本消痔膏 Hemorrhoids Ointment

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- 成分 Ingredients:  金银花, 芦荟,紫草,野菊花,甘油等 (Fructus Lonicerae, Aloe Vera, Lithospermum, Dendr Anthema Indicum,and other Natural Herbal Plants 

- 主要功能 Function: 

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Helping for:
• Shrink swollen hemorrhoid tissue  收缩肿胀的痔疮组织
• Reduce heat and inflammation 消热消炎
• Relieve hemorrhoid pain 缓解痔疮疼痛
• Clean away toxic materials 清除有毒物质
• Remove decayed tissues 清除腐烂的组织
• Regenerate new tissue growth 促进新细胞生长

Several common reasons include:

- Chronic diarrhea or constipation 慢性腹泻或便秘

- Strain during defecation 排便时劳损

- pregnancy 怀孕

- obesity 肥胖

- Anal intercourse 肛门性交

- Sitting in toilet for long time 长时间坐在马桶上


BENEFICIAL: This product is rich in herbal plant extracts, which is mild and non-irritating. It is specially treated for soothing and relieves pain. 


- 规格 Net content: 13 g/ tube

- 适合人群 Applicable people: 7 岁或以上/ 7 years old or above

- 剂型 Specifications type: Ointment cream 乳膏剂

- 生产国家 Origin: China

- 孕妇忌用 Contraindicated in pregnancy 

- 使用方法 Usage Methods:  每支消痔膏可分成7次使用,过量可能引起不适

Each TJHYML ointment can be divided into 7 times. Excessive use may cause discomfort

Shelf life: 2 years

 - Apply appropriate amount of this product on the affected area, gently knead for a while until fully absorbed, 1-2 timed per day.

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