【FHH 】TJH 沽方油 Headache Stomachache Relief Essential Oil

      - 成分 Ingredients:  冬青油, 松节油,樟脑,冰皮,薄荷清凉油 Holly oil, turpentine, camphor,  peppermint balm

- 主要功能 Functions: 

- For Runny nose治伤风鼻塞
- Sniff or rub on the middle acupoint 嗅吸或擦涂于人中穴处
- Headache Relief & Refreshing  减缓头疼症状和提神醒脑
- Relieve fatigue and drowsiness去除疲劳睡意
- Relax from dizziness and motion sickness  放松头脑/头晕(晕车晕船)
- Relieve from mosquito/ Insects bite可擦治蚊虫叮咬

- Stoma Pain Relief 舒缓肚痛

 BENEFICIAL: Effective relaxation or relief of a variety of discomfort, such as dizziness, colds, nausea, abdominal pain, and other symptoms  有效放松或舒缓各种各样的不适感,如头晕, 伤风感冒, 作呕,肚痛, 等其他症状