BKC 碧康清 Relieves Itch Reduce redness hand foot cream

Brand: BKQ 碧康清

Made in China - Natural Formula with Plant Extracts

Product: For hand/ foot cream

<Ingredients>: Australia tea tree essential oil, collagen peptide, gallicaceae, camellia seed extract, Tetradium ruticarpum , cnidium fruit and other herbal plants extracts with unique formula and high technology to product a skin care product.

Efficacy: Relieves Itch/ Reduce redness/ moisturizing skin

Shelf life: 2 years

Suitable skin type: Allergic/ scalp/ Athlete's foot/ Insect bites/ Tinea Dermatitis/ Eczema / ringworm etc

Features: Anti-bacterial/ Anti-fungus cream

Colour: Normal - white /yellow

NET WT: 15g & 20g  (Tested in sg) - Quality Assured (100% Authentic )

Method of using:

- Apply a thin layer on the affected area only, gently massage till fully absorbed

- Use 2-3 times per day 


1) This product is only for External use ONLY. 

2) Children must be used under the supervision of an adult

3) This product is NOT substitute for medicines

4) NOT recommended for those who are sensitive to herbs or pregnant women

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