BEST! Magical mineral water (3+1)- Incl. Nano spray (For Eyes/Face/ Skin)

  • Magical Mineral Mist/water - Contains natural Elemental water  &
Ice Mountain mineral water to Improve Skincare/Eyesight!

No Steriods🔺 No Additive🔺 No Colouring🔺 No Preservative🔺 No Antibiotics
Ingredients:  include strontium, sodium, potassium, calcium and other common substances needed by the human body

✔️"Water" made in Malaysia - ✔️Must finish within 1 month once opened 


✔️能有效帮助改善疲劳眼/皮肤/伤口复原 💦

🔺不含类固醇 🔺不含添加剂 🔺无色素🔺 不含防腐剂🔺无抗生素
成分:包含镁、锶、纳、钾、钙、硅 等人体所需的常见物质


✔️"矿物水"来自马来西亚配方 - ✔️当打开"神奇矿物水”使用后,必须在1个月内使用完!