101 Reshow- Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo/Essences (101 防脱洗发水/精华)

In Stock (In Singapore)
Authentic and Directly from China
Country of Origin: China

101 Herbs Anti-Hair Loss shampoo/Essences


👉 Improve Scalp Blood Circulation

👉 Anti Dandruff & Fast relief itchy scalp

👉 Stimulate Hair Follicle Cells

👉 Oil Control & Promote Hair Growth

Product details of 101 Herbs Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 360g

  • Daily Use Shampoo
  • Contains Panax Notoginseng
  • Protect scalp effective dispel scurf containment
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • Promote the blood circulation to the scalp 
  •  reduce hair loss phenomenon 
  •  strengthen the root of hair follicle tissue
  •  Promote new hair growth