Bio-Aquacel 万灵清基水 ? WHY? 为什么人人都喜欢用上它?

    • BIO-AQUACEL is a result of collaboration between Malaysia BIOAQUACEL RETAIL SDN BHD and Japan, with several years of experiment, research and development, resulted to a high technology and multiple function element water. Furthermore, its non-drug, steroids-free, antibiotics-free, antiseptic-free and pigment-free properties, it has become the safest eye and skin care products in the world.


      The raw materials of BIO-AQUACEL are natural, non-polluting, non-irradiated and possess a variety of high-grade trace elements and minerals from Japan. The main components include strontium, sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon, selenium, germanium, bicarbonate, and other common substances needed by the human body. Due to its unique mineral balance and neutral pH, makes it highly safe and eco -friendly, it can be applied to the skin and face and also be consume
    • BIO-AQUACEL can delay the degradation of eye function and prevent the occurrence of eye diseases. This combination of multiple trace elements does not bring any toxic side effects to the users. Use around the eyes can improve the quality of the eyes, restore healthy eyes, maintain and improve eyesight!

    • BIO-AQUACEL Main Function are

      • Effectively cleans and dissolves eye foreign materials
      • Activates cells and promotes eyes blood circulation
      • Repair micro blood vessels and eliminate eye fatigue
      • Penetrate the cell membrane quickly to replenish moisture to the eyes
      • Restore the metabolic function of eye tissue
      • Effectively inhibits and removes harmful free radicals
      • Inhibit oxidation and promote the eye’s ability to heal itself
      • Promote detoxification and increase eye cell activity
    • BIO-AQUACEL Use method Instructions

      Improve eye quality use method: Use more than three months in a row, for optimal result use every day. Use 3 times in the first week, then use 5 times or more every day

      Maintenance method: Recommended daily use. Min. for 5 times a day. It is possible to keep eyes from being damaged in the long-term contamination situation.

      Improve the use of face and skin quality: It is used on the face and around the eyes every morning and evening to combat aging, delay aging, improve skin immunity, improve eye bags and dark circles.

      Special reminder: The first use may cause slight tingling due to the user's different injury conditions. Please close eye when using. One minute on the eyes, waiting for liquid to penetrate completely.

    • When you drip "Bio-Aquacel" on yr eyes, do not use tissue paper to wipe away, just use finger to tap tap surrounding area, it wi help to repair fine lines & dark circle eye



    • BIO-AQUACEL 万灵清基水、可以有效改善体质、恢复免疫功能、促进病体复原及日常预防的功效。

    • BIO-AQUACEL 万灵清基水的主要功效

      • 穿
      • 退

                 BIO-AQUACEL 万灵清基水使用法


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